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Gilbert Arenas Criticizes Shaquille O’Neal And Charles Barkley For Calling Out Ben Simmons: “You Were The Same Prima Donna When You Were The Man”

Gilbert Arenas Criticises Shaquille O’Neal And Charles Barkley For Calling Out Ben Simmons: “You Were The Same Prima Donna When You Were The Man”

Ben Simmons' trade saga has turned uglier than it should have ever become. Usually, it is rare to see so much drama around a player wanting out of the team. In defense of the Philadelphia 76ers, Simmons did take extreme measures to not join back the team. At the end of the day, he is still unwillingly wearing a 76ers jersey.

Considering the trouble that Simmons has caused over the last few weeks, many NBA analysts and former NBA players have criticized him. Among them were Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley, who have been quite vocal about their opinions around Simmons.

While they may have made a few correct points, they could have toned down a bit how they called out Simmons. Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas believes that, and he took a shot at Shaq and Chuck in a recent interview.

Via Basketball News:

"Because they're looking at the basketball player, Ben Simmons. So I don't think people separate the basketball player from the human. Right? And once a Shaq or Charles Barkley say it, it becomes law. In fact, they were the same. If they want to call him a prima donna, you were the same prima donna when you were the man. It's crazy because [Simmons] is a quiet kid. He's not this rah-rah type of guy. He's a quiet kid who just wants to just play, and then if you don't [want] him, just trade me. If you want me just... He just goes with the flow."

He further revealed, "I was with Ben a lot this summer, so I saw the work he put in. He was doing everything to get himself ready. I saw the work ethic and I'm like, 'Man, you can actually shoot. You actually can shoot. You actually have form. You don't have this wicked form that's like released high. You actually have a great form. Your feet planted.' So alright, what's going on here?"

Arenas didn't hold back in making his point clear. Once this drama settles down, the person who will be impacted the most will be Simmons.

Hopefully, he gets traded soon and can begin a new chapter in his career. Because it is more than clear that his time in Philly is over. Both sides have played a role in it as Isiah Thomas pointed out that the Sixers treated Simmons poorly

If you want to see the full interview of Gilbert Arenas with Basketball News, you can watch it here: