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Gilbert Arenas Destroys Isaiah Stewart For Trying To Square Up Against LeBron James: "Pack All Your Sh*t, Cause Your A** Is About To Be Traded!"

Reggie Miller Believes Isaiah Stewart Is Now In Conversation Of Players You Should Never Mess With: "However Long Isaiah Plays In This League, Dudes Will Walk On Eggshells Around Him. That's Great News For Pistons Fans."

Say what you want about Isaiah Stewart, but it's clear he isn't afraid of anyone. It takes a truly brave soul to charge a guy as famous, treasured, and powerful as LeBron James, especially during the middle of a ball game.

Luckily, Stewart was not able to make contact to retaliate against LeBron (after he got hit on the face on a previous play), so the situation was put under control relatively quickly.

Nevertheless, the pure rage at which he went after LeBron is something we haven't really seen before, and that goes for any player. The aftermath of the whole altercation has become the biggest story of the night, and many people from around the NBA community have been reacting to the moment.

On Instagram, Gilbert Arenas was among the latest to share his thoughts and spoke rather bluntly about how unwise it was to go at "the King" like that.

Check out his post, which has gained considerable traction on social media:

Hey brother,imma just be real with ya here 🗣 pack all SHIT, pack yo winter jackets and boots becuz yo ass is about to be traded to (Budapest) somewhere 😂😂😂 I don't know what type of bumbaclot blood got in yo eye BUT u can't charge at the #KING like that on tv 💯 you will be drug tested #tivoice expeditiously 🤣 just to make sure that rage ain't drug related " we don't do that in the nba" u probably haven't read the memo on fight attempts in the nba #1 don't square up with @kingjames @easymoneysniper EVER💯 .#2 them two light skin boys @stephencurry30 @klaythompson On GS don't let ya chest get puffy towards them or yo ass is done😇 #3 only two teams that's allowed to fist fight without any real penalties is where ever @rajonrondo and @cp3 at 🤣 #4 wait til yo teammates get around u and then act tuff (for the crowd) sell it like WWE 👌🏾🙏🏾 ummm thats it's, good luck moving forward my man 😌 PS this was worst then the gun in the locker room situation 😂 some can say this was #attemptedmurder 😇😬 only thing that can save u right now is ( MJ dropping episode 11 of the last dance and he edits all Scottie pippen scenes out) or (Vanessa Bryant) dropping #Themamba last season 💯🙏🏾😇 if u think I'm bullshitting ask @eneskanter11 he got too close to the king back in 2016-17 and the Turkish president been trying to catch his ass ever since 🏃‍♂️🤔😬😇

Arenas is no doubt being a bit hyperbolic, but his point is valid. Going after LeBron James as he did might have serious and unfortunate implications for Stewart.

It's hard to say for certain how things will play out because we haven't really seen something like this -- but it will be interesting to see all the reactions roll in over the next few days.