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Gilbert Arenas Goes Off On Kwame Brown After He Took Shots At LeBron James For Checking Stat Sheet During Game

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Gilbert Arenas is well-known for being an expressive basketball analyst, who will speak whatever is on his mind. There is no question that he has a unique insight into the game as a former All-Star and player.

LeBron James has recently been criticized by Kwame Brown for checking the stat sheet during a recent game. Brown notably stated that it sent a "wrong message" and added that "Kobe Bryant would have never done that".      

So for LeBron to be looking at the stat sheet on the bench, that was the wrong message to send. That was horrible and none of you players should ever emulate that... Kobe Bryant would have never done that."

Gilbert Arenas criticized Kwame Brown for his statement on LeBron James in an Instagram post, claiming Kobe Bryant "never looked at the stat sheet" because he knew Kwame Brown has 0 points. This isn't the first Instagram rant that Arenas has targeted at Brown.

Kwame Brown ur right Kobe would have NEVER looked at the stat sheet becuz he KNEW yo ass had 0. The whole arena knew u had a Krispy Kreme (DONUT)extra glaze with the hot light on clown. You were a professional exerciser, a big buff BUST out there doing cardio. YOU should have never been put back into the game"Bambi hands" yo hands were like white girls legs in scary movies (extra wiggly). You have a lot to say about basketball players for someone who hates to talk about basketball. This ain't white boy tactics. The only thing that was white boy was YO FCKING stats. Had stats like a white nba player named (mark madden or Todd fuller). Fun fact (in history there's been a few hundred thousand athletes in American sports SO there's been (a few hundred thousand diff names on those jerseys). Kwame "bustlife doo doo "brown jersey ranks No. 2 in (do NOT get caught wearing this jersey). NO CAP I'm dead ass serious GOOGLE it. The nba put Kwame jersey on sale (June 28 2001) they took it out the nba store (December 24th 2001)... The world must never forget How sorry u were #mikeeppsvoice on ur jersey numbers

The two were former teammates, but it seems as though now there is beef between Gilbert Arenas and Kwame Brown. Kwame Brown has not yet responded to the criticism coming from Gilbert Arenas.

Hopefully, we see this beef resolved soon. However, based on Gilbert Arenas' rant on Instagram, it is highly improbable that it will happen in the near future.