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Golden State Warriors’ Unselfish Ball Movement Makes It Clear Why Everyone Wants To Be A Part Of Their Team

Golden State Warriors’ Unselfish Ball Movement Makes It Clear Why Everyone Wants To Be A Part Of Their Team

The Golden State Warriors are dominating the league. It feels like we have traveled back a few years and watched the Warriors dynasty get re-birthed. After two underwhelming seasons, the Dubs are playing with a chip on their shoulders and so far that has worked perfectly for them.

They recently faced off against the Philadelphia 76ers and put on a show as usual. After four quarters of play, the final score was 116-96 in favor of the Warriors. This marked their fifth straight win and improved their record to a league-best 16-2. 

One might wonder, what is the recipe for success for the Warriors? Well, the answer is quite simple: moving the ball unselfishly. They have done that year after year and fans got to witness that epic ball movement against the 76ers as well.

The clip perfectly depicts the importance of making an extra pass and finding the best shot regardless of which player is taking the shot. The move started on their end of the court and included four players passing the ball graciously and finally finishing the play with a dunk on the other end.

Upon seeing such elegant ball movement, it's no wonder many NBA stars want to be a part of the Golden State Warriors' system. It feels like the Warriors are back on top and have no plans to let anyone snatch this position from them.

What's even more concerning for opposing teams is the fact that Klay Thompson is yet to be back on the roster. The guard is expected to return to the team around Christmas week and one can only imagine how well the team will play once that happens.

Currently, hands down the Dubs are the favorites to at least represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals. Despite that, most of the season is still left and there is only one thing that the team needs to keep in mind. It is not to take their foot off the gas. 

Otherwise, they might ruin the hot start to the season. All things considered, there is very little chance that something like this will happen.