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History Shows The Golden State Warriors Could Be Finals-Bound This Season

History Shows The Golden State Warriors Could Be Finals Bound This Season

Coming into the 2021-22 season, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors were dealing with a lot of uncertainty.

Between the absence of key players and the stink of their most recent campaign still lingering, nobody was really sure what to expect from the Dubs, especially considering the steep competition they'd have to face out West.

While it's still early, the Warriors have put much of that uncertainty to rest. Through 18 games, they stand at 16-2 on the season, an unbelievable mark that currently represents the NBA's best record so far.

But their start is also a sign that they could be headed to make history once again.

You see, Golden State has had this record (or better) three other times in their history, all three of which led to a FInals appearance. They've been here before, and the rest of the league should be terrified.

The Warriors are at the top of the NBA in offense and defense, which isn't too surprising given the talent they have on the roster.

Perhaps the craziest thing in all of this, though, is that the team is pulling this off without Klay Thompson and James Wiseman, who have yet to play a single game.

“If Klay Thompson comes back healthy, the Warriors might win it all. I really mean it..." said ESPN's Stephen A. Smith. "Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter god has ever created... and when I think about him, and then I think about Klay coming back... Then we think about the rest of this crew. I'm looking at Jordan Poole, brother can play... Andrew Wiggins, he's no slouch... I'm thinking about Wiseman coming back. I'm thinking about the pickup of Otto Porter... I'm just looking at this roster, the Warriors may win it all."

Klay is set to return in mid-December, so it won't be long now until the team has another weapon at their disposal.

In the meantime, Dub Nation is going to continue to remind the world just how good they really are.