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Stephen A. Smith Says Warriors Would Beat Lakers In Playoffs With Healthy Klay Thompson

Stephen A. Smith Says Warriors Would Beat Lakers In Playoffs With Healthy Klay Thompson

After being eliminated in the play-in game last campaign, the Golden State Warriors remain just one of three undefeated teams in the NBA this season.

Their hot start is no doubt an encouraging sign for Dub Nation, but there are some who think even greater times lie ahead.

On ESPN's 'First Take,' Stephen A. Smith dished out his take that the Warriors could go out and win it all. In fact, according to the esteemed sports broadcaster, the Brooklyn Nets are the only team in the league who can stop them when fully healthy.

"The Golden State Warriors might win it all. ... [If Klay comes back healthy], the only thing that will have any chance of stopping them is Kyrie Irving returning to Brooklyn. ... There is no one else, including the Lakers, that [could knock them off]."

He's been preaching the same narrative for weeks now, and it's not hard to see where he's coming from. Besides Thompson, the Warriors are brimming with talent in the form of Steph, Draymond, Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, and more.

If Klay Thompson comes back healthy, the Warriors might win it all. I really mean it... Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter god has ever created... and when I think about him, and then I think about Klay coming back... Then we think about the rest of this crew. I'm looking at Jordan Poole, brother can play... Andrew Wiggins, he's no slouch... I'm thinking about Wiseman coming back. I'm thinking about the pickup of Otto Porter... I'm just looking at this roster, the Warriors may win it all.

Ultimately, it will be up to Steph Curry to determine just how far the Warriors go. With season averages of 31 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists per game through three games, he's on track for another MVP-worthy season.

But we'll see soon enough how good they can be and if Stephen A.'s prediction ends up being right.