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Ice Cube When Kawhi Leonard Joined The Clippers: "Kawhi Was A Winner At Toronto. But Now He Wants To Be A Loser."

Bad News  For The Clippers- Kawhi Leonard Can Become A Free Agent This Offseason

It's not a secret that the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most popular teams in the NBA. They have a strong fanbase and have been Los Angeles' team for decades.

It's not unusual to see the Staples Center often packed with celebrities, especially during the playoffs. Just like it happens with the Knicks and Celtics, they're just a popular team amongst the rich and famous.

That's why Ice Cube wasn't exactly thrilled to know that the Lakers would have a tough rival in town a couple of years ago when Kawhi Leonard decided to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Leonard also reportedly considered signing with the purple and gold and decided to join their neighbors instead, so the world-famous rapper let him have a piece of his mind:

“Kawhi was a winner and now he wants to be a loser," Ice Cube said. "That's all I could say. You know, he was a winner at Toronto. Now, you want to be a Clipper? (then) you must wanna be a loser 'cause they haven't done anything in their whole career. So, I don't think he's the savior for the Clippers."

Obviously, you could argue that Leonard is ever going to be a loser considering his résumé. He's got 2 rings and 2 Finals MVP under his belt, so that's a bit of a reach by the West Coast hip-hop star.

Then again, it's not like it's all been smooth for Kawhi and the Clippers since he made it to Los Angeles, as they blew a 3-1 lead in the playoffs last year and are now 0-2 in the first round. The Lakers, on the other hand, are the reigning champions.

Kawhi Leonard has never been the one to care about what other people have to say, so he must be unbothered by Ice Cube's comments. But if the Clippers lose and the Lakers win the ring again, this clip will - for sure - resurface all over social media again.