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In 2009 Fans Were Already Labeling Stephen Curry As A Bust: "He's Not Going To Be Good In The NBA. Book It."

In 2009 Fans Were Already Labelling Stephen Curry As A Bust: "He's Not Going To Be Good In The NBA. Book It."

Entering the league in 2009, Stephen Curry was not the biggest prospect in the draft class. Many sports pundits and fans believed that Curry was a bit short and of course there were potential red flags about his health.

After being in the league for 12 years, it is safe to say that Steph has destroyed those narratives about his career. Yes, he did struggle with ankle injuries during his early years, but he never let it stop him in his tracks. 

Today, the Golden State Warrior superstar has a decorated resume and is one of the most beloved NBA players in the world. Curry has won three NBA championships, two regular-season MVPs, and a lot more accolades. 

But like we mentioned earlier, when he was drafted by the Warriors in 2009, he was expected to be a bust. In fact, a ClutchFans forum from 2009 recently surfaced on the internet where fans debated about Steph being a bust.

TheGreat: "He's not going to be good in the NBA. Book it."

EmJohn: "Best player in the draft? With Blake Griffen and James Harden out there? I don't think so. Personally, I'd rather take my chances with Ty Lawson than Curry. Also don't agree with the nonsensical Morrison and Snyder comparisons. He's a JJ Redick, Luther Head, Eddie House, Boobie Gibson type. I think it's unlikely he ever becomes more than a niche player, but there is a real place for one dimensional pure shooters in the league. It's a sad statement about this year's draft class that he's a mid-lottery pick."

RiceDaddy7: "Laundry will have a better career than Curry will."

MayoRocket: "I think he'll be very much like his Dad. A pure shooter that didn't do much else."

Xcellerator: "Lol. Stephen Curry is 6'3" pure shooter with unlimited range and will be somewhat like JJ Redick. Great at off the screens and spot up shots. Will probably be used similarly as Rip Hamilton.."

Kegray34: "I don't think the Rockets are trying to move up in the draft to get Curry,but if they did it would set the team back years. Curry already plays in the NBA under the name Adam Morrison, JJ Reddick, Kirk Snyder. Do I need to go on? Guys like him who are used to carrying a team in college with his body frame just don't pan out to anything more than a role player. Is trading a PF role player(Landry) worth a shooting guard rookie role player who is limited in his game. Just resign Wafer as he is going to give you way more over next 2 years than a Curry would. Curry could have big nights with a Grizzlies type team,but never a contender for at least 3+ years and probably not even then."

Ctry2582: "He went to DAVIDSON and still torched the NCAA. Teams double and triple teamed him and still lit it up. He's proven he can get his own shot off. In the NBA with better spacing, better teammates, he'll continue to get his own shot off."

RaferMadness: "Stephen curry will be the best player in this weak draft. Stephen curry reminds me of gilbert arenas. He is a point guard that can score a ton."

Super Von: "People are just down on Curry because he went to Davidson and they never got to see him play. He has the potential to be the best player in this draft. Im not sold on Blake Griffin yet. So much hype."

Kaleidosky: "You lose credibility comparing him to Kirk Snyder.."

As you can see fans put their points about both him being a bust and the best player from the draft.

Considering how his career went, he is the best player from the 2009 NBA Draft. Additionally, he is yet to show any signs of slowing down. For the upcoming season, Curry and the Warriors will try to make a comeback and hopefully get their hands on the NBA championship.