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Isaiah Thomas Says He Could Score One Basket Against MJ: 'He Is Not Shaq Height And As Fast As Me At The Same Time.'

(via Blazer's Edge)

(via Blazer's Edge)

Michael Jordan is almost unanimously recognized as the greatest player in the history of basketball. With his documentary "The Last Dance" just hours from release, his name and legacy have been the subject of countless conversations.

In one particular MJ related tweet, the Chicago Bulls basically asked the audience if they could score a single point on Michael Jordan. For most, it required a lot of thought.

But for former Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas, it wasn't a hard question at all.

Obviously, the Twitter world wasn't convinced. After getting some heat for his declaration, he went back to defend himself.

He eventually realized that now wasn't the best time to make such statements.

If we're talking about a regular 1-on-1 game, Jordan would obviously smoke Thomas. There's just no contest in that regard.

But if you ask Thomas to score just once in ten total possessions, that becomes a different story. Isaiah Thomas is one of the game's most talented scorers. He's quick and very good at creating space to make a shot. He's obviously scored against other great players.

But when it comes to Jordan, it usually doesn't work out to bet against him. And in the case of Isaiah Thomas, most make the case that IT is too small and MJ is simply too good.

Unfortunately, we'll never get the chance to find out.