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Isiah Thomas Says He’s Willing To Sit Down With Michael Jordan On National Television To Sort Out Their Differences

(via HowTheyPlay)

(via HowTheyPlay)

The beef between Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan is no secret in the NBA community. Even now, decades after their playing days, it seems feelings of animosity are still raging between the two, as evidenced by some of MJ's comments made towards the former Pistons star.

Apparently, according to a conversation Thomas had with Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson, he'd be willing to have a sit-down with MJ and work things out face-to-face on national television.

Thomas has been in this situation before with his old friend, Magic Johnson. The two reconciled on ESPN in 2017, burying their beef once and for all in a pretty emotional moment.

Obviously, nobody is saying a meeting between him and Jordan would end in a similar fashion. Their relationship seems to be in a much darker place.

But, given the chance to talk in person might just change some things. And, at the very least, it'd make for some good television.

We know I.T. would be down, but it remains to be seen whether or not MJ wants any part of it.