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Ja Morant Posts A Series Of Cryptic Messages After Warriors Beat Grizzlies: “What This Means?”

Ja Morant Posts A Series Of Cryptic Messages After Warriors Beat Grizzlies: “What This Means?”

Ja Morant is one of the best young players in the game, there is absolutely no doubt left about his abilities on the basketball court. Not only did he take over at times during the regular season in spectacular fashion, but he has also continued his stellar play in the playoffs. He struggled against the Minnesota Timberwolves a little bit but has been a huge problem for the Golden State Warriors, absolutely demolishing them in Game 2 to help his team get the win. 

One of the other noticeable things about Ja, one that some fans don't like too much, is the fact that he is incredibly active on social media, constantly talking about the NBA and his team along with other teams. After the Game 3 loss, Morant tweeted seemingly taking a shot at Steve Kerr's words about Dillon Brooks and comparing it to Jordan Poole's foul on him, but then deleted the tweet as well. 

While that was odd enough in its own right, Morant went on to make a series of cryptic tweets, where it's quite hard to tell exactly what he was talking about. 

"TM x mbno. y'all know what we always do."

While this one can be perceived to be a message of defiance ahead of the next game in the series, his next two tweets are almost gibberish. 

The loss was a bit tough on the Grizzlies, who got blown out, and Morant himself had to leave the game early thanks to trouble with his knee. However, it's still odd that this is how he would react on social media with a lot of series left to play and fans couldn't understand what he meant.

"What this means?" 

"Uhhh Ja?? What was that supposed to mean?"

"Grown man tweeting like he part of stan twitter."

"Dude on here speaking in code."

"Ja losing his mind in a San Francisco hotel rn."

"Warriors got him going crazy."

"Yep he’s lost it."

"This man is typing in code."

"I don't know how to feel about this at all."

"Ja, just focus on the next game, my dude."

Now maybe all these tweets have some meaning to them, but trying to decipher them isn't going to mean much. Morant and the Grizzlies need to do their talking on the floor, and if he can deliver another huge performance for his team, tweets like this might go down smoother for fans next time.