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Ja Morant Wants To Dunk On LeBron James: "... If I Actually Dunk On LeBron, I Probably Would Get A Tech."

Ja Morant Wants To Dunk On LeBron James:  "... If I Actually Dunk On LeBron, I Probably Would Get A Tech."

Ja Morant is one of the most exciting young talents in the NBA today. The Grizzlies point guard has shown flashes of brilliance, combining his incredible athleticism along with his excellent shooting to become one of the best young players in the league today.

Morant is entering his 3rd season in the NBA and will be hoping to continue his upward trajectory. Ja was the 2nd overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. And because Zion Williamson was the 1st overall pick, not a lot of people gave Morant much of a chance in terms of grabbing their attention.

But that is exactly what he did in his rookie year. Morant immediately became the central figure for the Memphis Grizzlies. His performances were absolutely fantastic, as he brought the Grizzlies back into playoff contention after quite a few years.

Morant was able to get the Grizzlies a play-in game against the Trail Blazers but wasn’t able to win them the game despite his fantastic performance. For his incredible season, Morant was named the 2020 NBA Rookie Of The Year.

His second season saw him improve even more, as he became the primary catalyst for the entire Grizzlies’ offense. When he suffered an injury last season, the team struggled in his absence. The Grizzlies were able to make the playoffs through the play-in tournament, but couldn’t overcome the much stronger Utah Jazz.

One of the most exciting aspects of Morant’s game is his ability to dunk. Ja is one of the most athletic point guards the league has seen in a long time. And he has shown that he can put any player in the NBA on a poster on any given day. But Morant has his next poster target in his sights: LeBron James.

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Morant spoke about possibly dunking on LeBron James. He noted that he would make a poster of that dunk and even put it up in his house. 

Referencing the time Jason Tatum dunked on LeBron James, Ja said that he would get a tech for his insane celebration if he were to ever dunk on LeBron James.

“LeBron. I’d probably just get that poster and just put it, soon as you walk in my house. I’d probably have it all over the wall. Like just because it’s LeBron. I remember watching when Tatum actually dunked on him. I don’t know what I would have done in that moment. I can do a regular dunk and I’ll be screaming for about 3-4 seconds and be behind the play. So if I actually dunk on LeBron, I probably would get a tech.”

Morant has made it a habit of posterizing some of the best defenders in the NBA, regardless of their size. And if he gets the opportunity to do that to LeBron James, he will not squander it. But that chance won’t come so easy for Morant.

Even near the age of 37, James is a fantastic defender, and one of the most physically imposing in the league. But Ja has shown that he isn’t scared to take the ball to the hole, regardless of who is in front of him.