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Ja Morant Was Not Backing Down After His Confrontation With Tony Bradley: "I Can Fight."

Ja Morant Was Not Backing Down After His Confrontation With Tony Bradley: "I Can Fight."

Ja Morant has been having an incredible season this year. The former Rookie Of The Year has been spectacular for the Memphis Grizzlies and has helped them garner an incredible amount of wins against some of the best teams in the NBA. But against the Chicago Bulls, Ja showed that he isn't just a great player, but also a tough one.

During the game against the Chicago Bulls, Ja got into a physical altercation with Tony Bradley after Bradley inadvertently tripped Morant. The fight didn't last long, as Morant's teammate Steven Adams came and quickly carried Bradley away. But as Ja went to the bench, he was adamant that he wouldn't shy away.

While Morant was sitting on the bench, he could be seen telling his teammates and the Memphis Grizzlies coaching staff that he wasn't going to back down, and told them he could fight. Clearly, Morant wasn't ready to cower away from Bradley as things got heated.

Ja has been sensational this season, putting up incredible numbers. For the season, Morant is averaging 24.2 points per game, on 48.6% shooting. Ja has taken a massive step up this season and is on track to become an All-Star for the very first time in his career.

Morant has put his name among the conversation for one of the best young players in the NBA. NBA fans recently debated over who was the better player between Morant, Trae Young, and Luka Doncic. To be mentioned alongside those players just goes to show how good Ja has been this year.

Former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins has even put Morant's name in the MVP conversation, pointing to how good he has been. If Morant wins, it will only further the comparisons between him and Derrick Rose, who won his first MVP in his third season, something Morant could do by the end of this year.