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Jalen Rose Appreciates Reggie Miller's Michael Jordan Comments: "If Reggie Miller, After Michael Jordan Beat Us In The Playoffs... Left The Team To Go Play With Him, I Still Wouldn’t Have Been Talking To Him To This Day."

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(via YouTube)

(via YouTube)

Reggie Miller is one of the most respected legends in the sport of basketball. An Indiana Pacer throughout his entire career, Reggie Miller was a prolific shooter and led his Pacers to Indiana's only Finals appearance in 2000. While he lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals themselves, Reggie Miller was still a prolific player who deserves his spot in the Hall of Fame. Reggie Miller was a player that stayed with one franchise throughout his career, something that is getting less frequent during the modern era.

In today's basketball world, players often leave their franchises to create superteams all over the league. Reggie Miller came from a different time. Miller recently expressed that even if it was Michael Jordan who gave him a recruiting call, he would tell Jordan to go "F*ck himself". Basketball analyst Jalen Rose expressed appreciation for Miller's sentiment, as he was a former Pacer himself. Here is what Rose had to say.

Reggie, a legend. A great big brother, leader, a hall of farmer, terrific shooter. I learned so much from him… When you start talking about clutch players of all time, put some respect on my guy’s name. If Reggie Miller, after Michael Jordan beat us in the playoffs, at any point would have left the team to go play with him, I still wouldn’t have been talking to him to this day. I am dead serious.”

Needless to say, Jalen Rose appreciates Miller for sticking out with the Indiana Pacers. In a way, it is more fun to watch teams when they are more equal in strength: that fosters a competitive environment. While it is perfectly fine for players to team up, a lot of fans miss the era when most teams didn't have multiple superstars.