Jamal Murray Opens Up On His First Meeting With Michael Jordan: "I Was Shaking... His Eyes Are So Dark And You Can See The Competitiveness In Them… It’s The First Time I Have Been Starstruck Like That.”

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

It's not a secret to anybody that Michael Jordan is perhaps the most intimidating human being in the history of sports. He's a legend with countless myths and stories around him and is one of the most famous people to ever set foot on the face of the earth.

That's why even NBA stars or young prospects who're used to being around NBA stars are often starstruck when they get to meet His Airness for the first time, and Denver Nuggets' Jamal Murray wasn't the exception to that rule, as he recently opened up with Ashley Nevel about the first time he ever saw The Black Cat in person:

“I met him at the Durham Classic… I was shaking… Nah, I shook his hand, he was talking to us… When you know somebody from afar and you know certain things about him and it’s crazy how the media can portray a picture of you before you can even meet the person. I got to meet and I was like geez, it’s so much different than how I thought. His eyes are so dark and you can see the competitiveness in them… It’s the first time I have been starstruck like that," Murray said.

Murray certainly soaked in a thing or two from Michael Jordan, as his heroics performance led the Denver Nuggets to an epic comeback after falling 3-1 in the first round of the playoffs vs. the Utah Jazz, and then again to get past the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Conference Semifinals.

The fact that grown men are still amazed and starstruck when they see Michael Jordan is just a testament to how impactful and dominant he was and how much of a legend he continues to be. You may or may not think that he's the greatest player of all time but you can't deny that he's the greatest figure in the history of basketball.