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Jamal Murray Urges NBA To Stop Tournament Play: "No Need To Make Season Complex."

Jamal Murray Urges NBA To Stop Tournament Play- "No Need To Make Season Complex."

The NBA's play-in tournament was a huge success this year. With high stakes on the line, the intensity was high, and fan excitement was through the roof.

Love it or hate it, it attracted a lot of attention -- and the NBA might be ready to add another.

According to sources, a mid-season tournament could be a consideration for the NBA, though the details of how such a tournament would work at this time remain unclear.

It's an interesting thought, but not one everyone stands behind. For Nuggets star Jamal Murray, he just wants to bring simplicity back to basketball.

There is no denying that the play-in tourney makes things a little more complicated and harder to track. Adding more tournaments, which each grant their own rewards, would only add to that complexity, not to mention the fatigue it brings to the players.

Then again, if it brings in more money to the league, and adds excitement to the game, it might be worth the sacrifices.

In the comments, fans debated the idea.

Right now, we don't have to worry about any more tournaments. The league has enough on their plate right now with perfecting the play-in, returning the league to normal, post-COVID condition, and the addition of expansion teams.

But in the future, tournaments could play an increasing role in the NBA, and it will be interesting to see how it works out and if it's well-received by players and fans.