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James Ennis Pushes For An NBA Contract After Lakers Preseason Game: "I Play Defense, Sign Me Already."

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James Ennis

The Los Angeles Lakers have not won a game yet during the preseason. They are 0-4, but preseason is no reason to overreact. A team with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook should be able to figure things out.

With that being said, a team should constantly be looking to improve, and that includes improving the talent level on the roster. A potential candidate to add to the roster could be James Ennis, who has recently publicly lobbied to get signed to an NBA contract.

James Ennis can certainly be a productive role player for the Los Angeles Lakers. During his time with the Orlando Magic in 2020-21, Ennis averaged 8.4 PPG while shooting 43.3% from beyond the arc. Shooters generally pair well with playmakers such as Russell Westbrook, and he is also a 6'6 wing that also plays defense, as evidenced by his own admission and previous on-court play.

While the Tweet doesn't necessarily say he wants to get signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, it's clear that the Lakers are where he wants to go. James Ennis has previously liked a comment about him getting signed by the Lakers, and his viral Tweet came after the Lakers' preseason game. Here's what Sam Quinn of CBS Sports had to say:

In August, he liked a number of tweets suggesting that he would land with the Lakers. Now, four games into a winless preseason in which the Lakers have allowed an average of 121 points per game, Ennis has taken things a step further by publicly asking for a contract. While he did not technically specify which team (if any) he was speaking to, that it came at the end of a Lakers game makes his intended audience clear.

There is no questioning that having plenty of shooters on the roster will generally never hurt a team. Players can end up missing games, and depth is extremely important during the regular season.

It remains to be seen if the Los Angeles Lakers end up signing James Ennis, or whether they end up waiting until buyout options are available in free agency. They do currently have an open spot for a guaranteed contract, but it is unclear whether Ennis is in consideration for it.