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James Harden Has Played More Minutes With The Nets Than Kyrie Irving Despite Joining The Team 451 Days After Him

James Harden Wants Kyrie Irving To Return, Says He Is A Big Part Of What Makes The Nets Scary

(via Complex)

James Harden has been the talk of the town in recent days. The Brooklyn Nets superstar has been linked with a move away from Barclays Center, with reports suggesting he's frustrated with his role on the team, acting like the main guy, which was the reason why he left the Houston Rockets last year. 

With Kevin Durant sidelined thanks to an injury and Kyrie Irving only playing in road games, Harden has carried the burden of leading this team to wins. Unfortunately, he has struggled as the leader of the Nets, and the team is looking nothing like they did when KD was around. 

Several people have criticized Harden for his 'lack of commitment' to the team, while others have sided with the former MVP. One Redditor called "theclubhardenvisits" came in James' defense, revealing that Harden has played more minutes than teammate Kyrie Irving despite joining the team way after the 2016 NBA champion. 

James Harden has played 2946 minutes in the regular season as a Brooklyn Net (1319 + 1627 over 1.5 seasons).

Kyrie Irving has played 2930 minutes in the regular season as a Brooklyn Net (658+1,886+386 over 2.5 seasons).

James Harden has played 80 games in 385 days as a Brooklyn Net.

Kyrie Irving has played 85 games in 836 days as a Brooklyn Net.

Just in case anyone was wondering who was more committed.

Harden is now linked with the Philadelphia 76ers as part of a blockbuster trade that would involve Ben Simmons. The Beard can create a terrific duo with Joel Embiid in Philly and leave this Brooklyn situation behind. 

Some people think he's quitting on the Nets, but it's easy to say why Harden would be unhappy in Brooklyn. Having two superstars by your side should be an advantage and the veteran guard isn't seeing the good things of being teammates with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. 

Perhaps, if he stays in Brooklyn and KD returns, we will see Harden recovering his best version and competing for a championship in the Eastern Conference.