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James Harden On Brooklyn Nets: "I Don't Plan On Leaving This Organization."

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James Harden: “I’m Still Wanting To Set Myself Up For A Championship, And I Feel Like The Entire Organization Is On The Same Path.”

The Brooklyn Nets were viewed as the favorites going into this season, mostly due to the star power on their roster. With Kyrie Irving currently not being able to play though, the Nets are no longer the clear frontrunner. With that being said, any team with Kevin Durant and James Harden is still a contender, and tough to beat in the playoffs.

There has been a lot of speculation on whether James Harden would end up staying with the Brooklyn Nets, especially after his comments about never being a free agent before. With that being said, he also stated that "it would be very difficult" to part ways with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

James Harden has recently made a comment about his future, essentially confirming that he plans to re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets. Harden claimed that he doesn't "plan on leaving" the Nets.

Obviously, things may yet change, and we've seen stars change their minds and leave their teams after promising to stay. However, the Brooklyn Nets are a great situation for James Harden: he has an amazing co-star in Kevin Durant, as well as savvy vets such as Blake Griffin on the team. It's clear that there is certainly an appeal to re-signing with the Brooklyn Nets, though it's understandable that James Harden would want to take his time with such a decision. As of now, James Harden hasn't yet signed an extension.

It remains to be seen how well the Brooklyn Nets do this season, though most people would expect them to finish somewhere near the top of the Eastern Conference. They may have lost their season opener against the Milwaukee Bucks, but one would also assume that they bounce back sooner rather than later. Hopefully, we see the Nets do well and see James Harden commit long-term to the franchise.