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James Harden Surpasses Kyle Korver To Become 4th On All-Time Three-Pointers Made List, Now Behind Reggie Miller

James Harden Surpasses Kyle Korver To Become 4th On All-Time Three-Pointers Made List, Now Behind Reggie Miller

James Harden has been struggling this season, due to multiple factors. Most notably, the recent change in the NBA’s foul rules, which doesn’t reward players for drawing contact by bumping into opposition defenders. 

On top of that, James had suffered a significant hamstring injury during the course of the NBA Playoffs last season and was still recovering during the course of the season.

But James has been slowly finding his rhythm back and has been improving on the scoring front while also being able to draw fouls and make it to the free-throw line. And last night, against the New York Knicks, Harden made some more history, climbing a list that only some of the best have been able to.

During the Nets’ game against the New York Knicks, James Harden made his 2500th career three-pointer. With this, he surpassed Kyle Korver to take 4th place on the all-time three-pointers list. 

He is now behind Reggie Miller, who sits in 3rd place with 2560. Given Harden’s three-point numbers this season, he could surpass Miller by the end of the season.

Harden is currently averaging 20.3 points per game, and averaging 2.7 three-pointers per game. If he can keep this pace for the rest of the season, and even improve on it, he will be able to surpass Miller and place 3rd on the all-time three-pointers list with Ray Allen and Stephen Curry.

Curry and Harden could become two of the top three players on the list by the end of the season, with Steph on track to surpass Ray Allen, just 34 three-pointers away from overtaking Allen after his worst-ever shooting night against the Suns. Given Harden’s offensive performances over the last decade, he is deserving to be on this list.

Surprisingly enough, Harden's 34-point performance on the night came after a conversation with Reggie Miller, the man he will be looking to surpass this season next. While Harden is not as proficient as Steph Curry, he has been a spectacular three-point shooter over the years, especially with his signature step-back three.

But there are still doubts about James Harden’s future, as he did not sign a contract extension with the Nets during the offseason, potentially to leverage more money from them in free agency. 

But one former NBA executive does not think that James Harden is worth the risk, saying that he is too old, and no longer the player he once used to be. Whether he re-signs with the Nets remains to be seen. For the moment, he is starting to his form back with the Nets, and potentially getting back to his best.