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James Worthy’s Priceless Reaction Before He Calls Out Frank Vogel And Blames Him For The Lakers Struggles

James Worthy’s Priceless Reaction Before He Calls Out Frank Vogel And Blames Him For The Lakers Struggles

The Los Angeles Lakers were handed a surprise defeat against the Indiana Pacers in their most recent fixture. Despite putting up a sensational game earlier vs. the Utah Jazz, the Lakers couldn't carry the momentum to their recent matchup.

Speaking of the game, many believe that head coach Frank Vogel made some questionable decisions towards the end of the game. He benched Russell Westbrook during the crunch time, which played a vital role in the Lakers' defeat.

There are many who believe that Vogel took the right decision by benching Russ, but considering Westbrook iced the previous game, it was a weird call by the Lakers head coach. Vogel also defended his decision to bench Russ in the postgame conference.

Regardless of the reason, the truth remains that the purple and gold lost the game. Upon seeing this shocking defeat, Lakers legend James Worthy gave a priceless reaction during the postgame show.

As visible in the video above, Worthy couldn't believe that the Lakers lost this fixture. Upon seeing it, he simply had his head sunken into the table. Once Worthy recollected himself, he gave his advice on why the Lakers have been struggling recently. Worthy believes that Lakers head coach Frank Vogel deserves the blame.

"I think he’s gotta take control of this. Call plays, make sure that they get good shot, make sure that they are versatile and not so one-dimensional and predictable because that’s all I’m seeing right now. I don’t think they can get themselves out of this as players because they’ve had enough opportunities. I mean they’ve got leadership, they've got some kind of virus. If they don’t get hold of it you know every team that comes into staples center, forget about on the road, if they don’t get a hold of this, every team that comes into the staples center is gonna have a lot of confidence thinking that in 4 quarters that they’ll be able to beat this team."

Worthy didn't hold back when he called out Frank Vogel. Considering the way that the Lakers have been playing, it might finally be time for Vogel to shuffle up the tactics. So far, what he has tried is obviously not working.

But at the same time, there is only so much he can do from the sideline. Even if he draws great plays for the team, the players need to execute them with perfection. Hopefully, the two sides finds the much needed synergy in the next few weeks, otherwise it will be hard to see the Lakers even book a guaranteed spot in the postseason.