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Jared Dudley On FIBA Rules: "Couldn’t Agree More! NBA Should Adopt Some Of These Rules… Players Are Manipulating These Rules Way Too Much!"

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NBA players are realizing how different (and challenging) FIBA rules are for them. The 2021 squad is having a hard time figuring things out during their pre-Olympic games, losing two games against Nigeria and Australia, respectively. 

In each of these games, some players tried to use the same tricks they use in the NBA to draw fouls, with referees ignoring their antics. Jared Dudley is ready to see some changes in the league's rules after witnessing how different things are in international basketball. 

The Los Angeles Lakers forward agreed with one fan praising FIBA rules, starting an interesting conversation. 

FIBA rules are perfect. Less time, less reviews, more physical. Start a game and get it over with in 2 hours or less. If only the national basketball association could get a clue.

Couldn’t agree more! NBA should adopt SOME of these rules… Players are manipulating these rules WAY to much!

Moreover, Dudley said that refs need to stop giving calls to players for the minimum contact and make the game more physical. 

I tell Refs this all the time.. Dont call it even if it is officially a foul.. Players will get mad then adjust! Refs listen to the league, has to start from the Top

This is a very interesting idea for the league. Everybody always complains about how 'soft' current players are compared to the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. It's time to make some changes to favor the competition and prevent players from whining after every single play.