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Jason Kidd On Milwaukee Winning 2021 Championship: "It Was Just A Matter Of Time."

Jason Kidd On Milwaukee Winning 2021 Championship- "It Was Just A Matter Of Time."

Back in 2014, the Milwaukee Bucks officially named Jason Kidd as their head coach. At the time, Milwaukee was still just a blip on the radar. Nobody knew how good Giannis was or what kind of potential the Bucks had -- that is, except Kidd.

From the beginning, he saw a Championship team and knew all it would take was some time and adjustments to get them there.

Although Kidd didn't last in Milwaukee very long, he go to witness their title run just like the rest of us. In a chat with the media, the Mavs coach spoke on what the experience was like for him and how he feels knowing they stand as Champions today.

(via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

“Being here for those four years were incredible because when I came here it was the laughingstock, right — they only won (15) games — and we helped build a foundation here with Giannis (Antetokounmpo) and Khris (Middleton),” Kidd said on his tenure in Milwaukee.

“It’s a beautiful thing when you get to see someone early in their career and see who they are. And for them to finally get to the top, it was just a matter of time. Last year was the season they fulfilled their dreams. And again, I’ve said it before, Giannis is going to try to do it again. I would never count him out,” Kidd continued.

Giannis and the Bucks were underdogs in the fight for the crown, mostly due to the presence of Brooklyn and their newly assembled big three.

But, with much credit to Milwaukee, they figured out a way to maximize their talents, play both ends of the floor, and dominate when it mattered most.

This upcoming season, they have hopes of getting even better and winning a second-straight title.

As for Kidd, he'll be looking to carry Dallas to similar success.