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Jason Kidd Opens Up On Suns Having One Of The Best Point Guard Rotations Ever In 1997 And 1998: "You Had A Future MVP Sitting As The Third String Point Guard."

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The Phoenix Suns have had a history of great point guards in their franchise. They currently have legendary veteran Chris Paul on the roster, and he managed to help the team make the NBA Finals during the 2021 playoffs.

At one point, the Phoenix Suns had three-point guards that were elite or would get to that level on their roster. Kevin Johnson, Jason Kidd, and Steve Nash were all on the team during the 1997 and 1998 seasons. During the 1998 season, the trio went 56-26, though they were eliminated in the first round by the Tim Duncan-led San Antonio Spurs.

Jason Kidd Opens Up On Playing With Kevin Johnson And Steve Nash

Jason Kidd has recently opened up on what it was like to play with Kevin Johnson and Steve Nash on the Phoenix Suns. He notably stated that being on that team taught him how to win. (37:05):

It's funny, like you bring up Nash. Nash was coming off the bench, I was coming off the bench. We had Kevin Johnson there. We were both watching Kevin do his thing. Sometimes it would be Kevin, Nash and myself out there. Small ball at its best. It was surreal. Kevin Johnson doesn't get enough credit being a great point guard in our league. But you had a future Hall of Famer, and MVP in Steve sitting there as the third string point guard... It was a great team. I learned how to win.

It is definitely fun to hear Jason Kidd talk about his time with the other two point guards. Steve Nash coming off the bench is hard to imagine as he has had an extraordinary career and even was a 2x MVP, but it's clear that the Phoenix Suns had better options at the point guard position at that moment in time. 

Three-guard lineups weren't common back then, and small-ball was not nearly as prevalent in that era as it is today. This is a team that definitely would have been better and more competitive in the playoffs in modern basketball.

Though the trio of Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, and Kevin Johnson didn't spend much time together, perhaps it was for the best, as Kidd and Nash truly blossomed when they received more opportunity and usage on other franchises. Notably, Steve Nash and Kevin Johnson are both considered all-time Suns legends, and it certainly would have been interesting to see what that team would look like if they stayed together. Perhaps they could have even ushered in the small-ball era early.