Jason Kidd Says He Wants To Help Luka Doncic To Become A Better Leader: “My Job Is To Help Make The Game Easier For Him"

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Jason Kidd Says He Wants To Help Luka Doncic To Become A Better Leader: “My Job Is To Help Make The Game Easier For Him"

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The Dallas Mavericks has a new head coach, and it is a man who has experience in bringing a championship to the franchise. After the departure of Rick Carlisle, the Mavs appointed Jason Kidd as the new head coach. Kidd was an assistant coach at the Lakers looking for a new opportunity as a head coach. During his playing career, he won an NBA championship in 2011 with the Mavericks, toppling the 'Big Three' in Miami. But what can Kidd bring as a coach? Fans will be excited to see how Kidd, a legendary point-guard in his own right, can help Luka Doncic take his game to the next level. And according to Kidd, that is exactly what he is looking to do.

New Mavs head coach Jason Kidd was a guest on ESPN's 'The Jump'. During the interview, he spoke about what he hopes to do with the team. He noted that a player of Luka Doncic's class doesn't need his guidance too much, especially because of all that he has accomplished so far. Furthermore, his only obligation to Luka is trying to make the game easier for him, and help him better understand the nuances of the game. Doncic is one of the best players in the league, and only needs to tune some aspects of his game in order to further improve his performances.

“Luka is a different player. When you look at someone who is 22 years old and what he’s accomplished early on in his career is amazing. I’m not going to tell him not to shoot. He can shoot the ball. My job is to help make the game easier for him, understanding the game within the game, understanding how to get guy going, become a better leader. He’s already a leader at 22 but to help him with that leadership quality and again help him in every aspect of the game to try and make it easy.”

Doncic showed during the playoffs that he can be the superstar in Dallas. However, there are question marks surrounding his fit with Kristaps Porzingis. Porzingis is reportedly frustrated in Dallas, because Luka is getting all the plaudits. However, Kidd so far has stated that he will use the duo as the building block of his team. If the situation changes, Kidd will have to alter his plan.