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Jayson Tatum On His Relationship With Jaylen Brown: "It’s Just Two Young Extremely Competitive Guys That Just Really Want To Win At All Cost..."

Jayson Tatum To Jaylen Brown After The Celtics Made The NBA Finals: “They Said We Couldn’t Play Together.”

Tagged as the underdogs early on, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have quickly become one of the NBA's top-performing duos. Now, as they sit just 4 wins away from a championship, Tatum is reflecting on how he and his-co star have come so far.

Speaking to the press ahead of Game 1, he made the following statement:

“It’s just two young extremely competitive guys that just really want to win at all cost. I think, obviously, that made us closer in a sense that we just wanted to figure it out. Not necessarily prove people wrong, but just prove that we can win and put ourselves in a position to do that,” said Tatum. “And it was tough. At certain times, we were 3 games under .500 and the 11th seed. I’m sure not many would have people thought we would have got to this point. But there was always a sense of belief between us and the group that we were capable of figuring it out.”

Tatum and Brown have really developed into a dominant team. Together, they give the Celtics enough of a spark on both ends of the floor to compete against any team in the league.

The best part about their rise to power is that, just a few months ago, fans and 'experts' were anticipating their split. Now, they are in the Finals and sticking it to the haters.

After the buzzer sounded on Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and the Boston Celtics began celebrating reaching the NBA Finals. As the league officials began preparing for the trophy ceremony, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown shared a hug.

Tatum was heard telling Jaylen Brown that the rest of the NBA thought they couldn't play with each other and that they should be split. Clearly, the Celtics didn't pay head to those thoughts and have now reaped the rewards.

"They said we couldn't play together!"

Of course, the job is far from finished for Boston. They will have to challenge, and beat, the legendary Golden State Warriors if they want to come out on top.

But with Tatum and Brown, they have the capability to go against any team, and something says that even if they do lose this year, the Celtics will be back in the thick of things before too long.