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Jayson Tatum Reveals "I Ask Myself All The Time Would 13 Year Old Me Be Proud Of Who I Am Today" To Tune Out Things That Don't Matter

Jayson Tatum

Being in the NBA comes with its fair share of pros and cons for athletes. They earn a lot of fame and, of course, the big bucks for their talent. On the other hand, sometimes fans get a bit too attached to the team and as a result, when a particular player fails to help the team win, the fans start criticizing them.

While the veterans in the league have already learned how to ignore such stuff, young players take little time to adjust. Speaking of young players, Boston Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum has the potential to have a great career in the league.

But so far in the four years that Tatum has spent in the league, he has failed to help the Celtics win an NBA title. Well, he still has his whole career in the future and he is improving at an amazing rate.

In fact, Tatum reflected on his personal growth on Twitter. He said:

"Lol everyone always has an opinion on what your doing/ should be doing… positive comments or negative ones… I ask myself all the time would 13 year old me be proud of who I am today… sometimes puts things in perspective of what really matters."

These were some pretty amazing words from Tatum. It's good to see him focusing on himself and tuning out the bad things. He is heading in the right direction, at least personally.

The only thing he needs to deliver to Boston fans is an NBA championship. The Celtics have a good roster, but it is hard to see them win the title in the 2021-22 NBA season.

Both the Western and Eastern conferences are heavily stacked, and the Celtics are a little behind their rivals.

Although the Celtics might not be the favorites to come out of the East, you can never count anyone out. The Miami Heat surprised everyone with a sensational 2020 playoff run and maybe this time around, the Celtics will be the dark horses to make it to the finals.

What are your thoughts on Jayson Tatum's comments? Should every NBA player try these methods to tune out the negativity?