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Jerry West Explains Why Michael Jordan Would Be Unstoppable In Today's NBA

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

Michael Jordan is considered the GOAT by most in the basketball community today and it's easy to see why. His resume, skillset, and relentless mentality helped to shape him into one of the most unstoppable players the NBA has ever seen.

But how would he fare in today's era? New rules and playstyles have changed the game a lot since 90 and even for a guy like Mike, there's no telling how he'd perform.

Well, fortunately for us, former Lakers star Jerry West spoke on this same subject in an appearance on "The Herd." You can probably guess which stance he took.

He's the best athlete I've ever seen in basketball, people are gonna make comparisons. With the rules having changed today, you can't hand check, touch anyone, you can walk all over the place, carry the ball, if he could've added that to his game my goodness what would we see today.

West also commended Jordan's attitude off the court

He's one of my favorite people I've ever been around. When you see him interacting with players a lot of it he was kidding, some of it he was not. He's a man's man, I love being around him, he doesn't change. His play dictated who he really was, I love to be around him, a great guy.

Many other stars, executives, and fans speak the same way about His Airness. He's a good man, a good player, and has people convinced he would dominate in any era of basketball history.

Who are we to argue?