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Jimmy Butler Responds To PJ Tucker's Heartfelt Message To The Miami Heat: "F**k You And Joel Embiid"

Jimmy Butler Responds To PJ Tucker's Heartfelt Message To Miami Heat: "F**k You And Joel Embiid"

Jimmy Butler forms close bonds with teammates that seem to be wired like him. Not everybody in the NBA can be a hard-nosed enforcer and leader, but Butler takes pride in being just that guy for the Miami Heat. This season, he had a teammate that would match his intensity and drive in 2021 champion PJ Tucker.

Tucker came to Miami after winning a ring with the Milwaukee Bucks and bringing his championship experience to the Heat as they fell in 7 games in the Eastern Conference Finals. Despite being in an injury-riddled team, the Heat showed promise and could have run it back this season. That won't be possible, as Tucker has already agreed to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers, Butler's old team. 

Tucker is going to be teammates with Butler's good friend Joel Embiid. Jimmy has put the blame for Tucker's decision on Embiid, commenting on Tucker's thank you post to Miami by letting him and Joel know exactly how he feels about this move. 

Considering Butler tagged Embiid and commented on a public post, many have assumed that this was a joke from Butler towards his rivals in Philadelphia. Embiid and Butler have floated the idea of playing together before, and both players were complimenting each other during the second-round playoff series between Miami and Philly.

Tucker is reuniting with the guard that helped him find a place in the league when they were both a part of the Houston Rockets, James Harden. Harden and Tucker have already done their fair share of partying since the signing was reported, so the vibes in Philadelphia are great right now.

Miami retained Victor Oladipo for another season, but haven't found a clear replacement for Tucker. While PJ isn't a crucial rotation player, his skill-set and veteran mindset can be extremely valuable to a team. Miami will surely miss him in the locker room this season.