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The Philadelphia 76ers Have Signed P. J. Tucker On A Fully Guaranteed 3-Year Deal Worth $33.2 Million

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P. J. Tucker is one of the best defensive players in the league, and he was a key member of the Miami Heat this season. He is a legitimate 5-position defender and is capable of guarding the best player on the opposing team every single night. He is also a solid shooter, averaging 41.5% from beyond the arc this season.

Despite his ability to do a lot of the dirty work on the floor, it seems as though the Miami Heat have let P. J. Tucker go. Shams Charania has recently revealed that P. J. Tucker has signed a 3-year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers that is worth $33.2 million.

P. J. Tucker was notably part of the 2021 Milwaukee Bucks championship team, and perhaps he will end up being a solid veteran for the Philadelphia 76ers as well. Notably, he was on the Houston Rockets during GM Daryl Morey's time on the team and was part of many Rockets playoff runs. Tucker's skillset is clearly valuable to contending teams, which is likely why the 76ers offered him a guaranteed deal at the age of 37.

Hopefully, we see this acquisition pay off for the Philadelphia 76ers. They have a solid squad currently, and perhaps we will see them win a championship at some point in the near future.