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JJ Redick Explains Why Jimmy Butler Isn't Being Affected By The New Foul Rules: "I Don't Think He's Trying To Trick Anyone."

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Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is one of the best players in the game, and most people would consider him somewhere between an All-NBA player and a superstar. He led the team to an NBA Finals appearance in 2020, and the Heat will hope that he can lead them back to the Finals and finish the job in the 2021-22 season.

A huge storyline to start the NBA season has been the implementation of the NBA's new foul rules, which would prevent players from doing unnatural shooting motions in order to go to the line. Some defenders, such as Draymond Green, have already expressed their support for the new rules.

Jimmy Butler is a player that hasn't been visibly affected by the rule, currently shooting 7.0 FTA a game, while averaging 25.0 PPG. On a recent episode of The Old Man and the Three podcast, JJ Redick tried to explain why that is the case. (7:30)

He's (Jimmy Butler) physical, obviously. I don't think he's trying to trick anyone.

James Harden by all accounts, and having played against him... is one of the smartest basketball players ever... that's what has allowed him to draw these fouls, he's going to adjust.

Jimmy's a little different. Jimmy is not trying to game the system when he drives. He's trying to initiate contact, and he's so strong and big when he does that, you're sort of left with a decision: do I give up a layup or do I hack him?

Because he doesn't do anything illegal where he's dislodging you, but he's using his force to initiate contact and create space.

It is clear that Jimmy Butler is a player who finishes a lot at the rim, rather than trying to draw fouls from jump shots, such as stars like Trae Young and James Harden. There is no question that the way he gets his FTs is different, and it's easy to see why he's still getting calls while others are struggling.

It remains to be seen how the officiating will evolve throughout the year, and how stars will adjust to the new rules. Jimmy Butler hasn't needed to change much in his playstyle, and that's certainly been beneficial to the Miami Heat, who have gotten off to a 4-1 start. Hopefully, Butler's performances remain consistent throughout the year, and it definitely helps that he is still able to get easy points at the line.