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Joel Embiid Takes A Shot At Ben Simmons: "The Chemistry We Have Is Very Different From The Previous Years."

Joel Embiid

A 3x All-Star, 2x All-Defensive player, and 2018 Rookie of The Year, Ben Simmons is a high-impact player for the 76ers.

Last year, it would have been hard to imagine the Sixers doing well without him in the lineup.

But, this season, even without Simmons, the 76ers are breezing through the competition, and lead the East with an 8-2 record through 10 games.

Following their most recent victory, Embiid couldn't help but throw some subtle shade at his absent teammate:

(via CBS Sports)

'The chemistry that we have is very different from the previous years,'' Embiid said. ''We're complete. We're on the same page.

''Everybody feels like they have something to prove.''

It might sound like Embiid is just letting off some steam, but he's right. This season, the Sixers are playing with a certain chemistry and cohesion they didn't have before.

No matter what goes on between Simmons and the organization, Embiid and the rest of the team have not let it get in their way.

"At this point I don't care about that man, honestly. He does whatever he wants," said Embiid. "That's not my job. I'm only focused on trying to make the team better, win some games, try to lead the other guys that we have here. The chemistry has been excellent despite everything that's been happening the last few months. So yeah, like I said, I don't really care." 

The Sixers have been among the best three-point shooting teams this year, thanks to the talent of guys like Harris, Furkan, Niang, and Curry.

As for the status of Ben, that much remains a mystery, After citing mental struggles as his reason to miss games, Daryl Morey came down hard, electing to fine the guy until he cooperates with the team.

He might return soon, or he might never suit up for the franchise again.

Regardless, Joel Embiid and the rest of the team seem to be doing fine just as they are.