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John Stockton Led The Team USA In Blocks In The 1996 Olympics

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

John Stockton is known for being arguably the greatest playmaker of all time. He led the league in assists 9 times and is the league's all-time leader in dimes with 15.806 (10.5 assists per game).

However, some people forget that Stockton was also a relentless defender. He led the league in steals twice (2.2 steals per game per his career) and made it to 5 All-Defensive teams throughout his career.

Still, no one expected him to be Team USA's top-notch rim protector when they made it to the 1996 Olympics, but then again, the 6'1'' guard out of Gonzaga never ceased to amaze.

Stockton, the shortest player on that team, averaged 0.5 blocks per game during their historically great Olympic run, leading the Dream Team in that regard despite the fact that they also had Shaquille O'Neal (7'1''), David Robinson (7'1''), and Hakeem Olajuwon (7'0).

Obviously, 0.5 blocks per game isn't that impressive at all, so perhaps Team USA was more interested in putting on an offensive clinic than protecting the paint. Also, opposing big men were pretty much terrified to take the ball up when facing the Americans.

Regardless, it seems like we're not giving a legend like John Stockton enough credit nowadays. LeBron James' fans claim Jordan had to beat plumbers and firemen en route to his 6 NBA Championships, but they just don't know how good this guy was.

Stockton is the ultimate pure point guard. A pass-first kind of guy that will hound you all the way in the perimeter with his quick hands as well. There aren't players like him anymore and that's why he'll be the league's top passer until the end of time.