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John Wall Denies Report That He Wants To Be The No. 1 Option On The Houston Rockets: "Lol That's A Lie."

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John Wall

John Wall has been in the media a fair amount recently due to his situation with the Houston Rockets. Wall has been in limbo, sitting out games while the Houston Rockets try and find a trade for the veteran point guard. However, trading Wall is easier said than done due to his supermax level contract.

Recently, there have been reports about John Wall having conversations with the Houston Rockets about potentially returning and playing for the team. It makes sense that Wall would want to do that, as he would be able to showcase his talents and improve his trade value. 

For Wall to play this season, a compromise probably would need to be found between respecting his stature with a supermax contract and the Rockets' desire to have him play a complementary role to help develop their young core. That, along with other considerations, could be key to finding a path for Wall to play for the Rockets in 2021-22.

A report by Jordan Schultz suggested that John Wall sees himself as the No. 1 option on the Rockets, and wants a "green light at all times". That is contrary to the Rockets' desire for Wall to have a "complementary role".

However, John Wall has recently denied that he wanted to be the No. 1 option, calling Schultz's report "a lie". Most would agree that John Wall isn't a first-option type player any longer, and it definitely seems as though Wall himself hasn't requested that sort of offensive usage.

It remains to be seen if there will be a response from Schultz to Wall about the situation. John Wall is clearly willing to do whatever it takes simply to play, and it's obvious that this report is incorrect.

We'll see what happens regarding John Wall and the Houston Rockets in the future. Hopefully, we are able to see the veteran point guard play this season, whether it be in