Kelly Oubre Seemingly Takes Shot At Andrew Bogut Comments

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(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

The Golden State Warriors season hasn't gone as planned. For a team with a good amount of talent, they just haven't been able to put it together this season. One of the players who has struggled is Kelly Oubre Jr., although he is the team's third-leading scorer at 15.0 PPG.

Despite his struggles, Kelly Oubre is still confident in himself and has recently stated that he didn't want to come off the bench next season if he were to stay in the Bay. Recently, former Golden State Warrior Andrew Bogut stated that some of Oubre's teammates weren't happy at the statement, and stated that a player even confronted Oubre to his face. Kelly Oubre has seemingly fired back at Bogut's comments: his story seems to suggest that Bogut's report is "cap" or in other words, absolutely false. He also commented the same emoji on a Sideline Sources Instagram post which reported Bogut's words.

It seems as though Kelly Oubre Jr. is refuting Andrew Bogut's report, and suggesting that no interaction like that happened. Even if it did, it seems as though Kelly Oubre Jr. has the mark of a good player: he is not settling for a role on the bench. Kelly Oubre Jr. is a young player who could yet improve: while he has had a down season this year, it doesn't mean that it will continue into next season. Hopefully, we can get some clarification on Oubre's situation in the near future.