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Kendrick Perkins Claims Anthony Davis Is The Best Big Man In The League When He's Healthy

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Anthony Davis is one of the best power forwards in the game. Anthony Davis is a two-way superstar, capable of scoring from anywhere on the court on the offensive end while switching freely between the perimeter and the inside on the defensive end. In the modern game, Anthony Davis is a prototypical unicorn who contributes highly on both sides of the court.

There are many candidates for who the best big man in the league is: some point to Joel Embiid's bruising dominance in the post, and others suggest that it is Nikola Jokic's passing that gives him that title. However, analyst Kendrick Perkins has suggested that when everyone is healthy, it is clearly Anthony Davis. Perkins refers to Davis' putting up stats when healthy and says that he could reach the level of Hakeem Olajuwon.

You look at what Anthony Davis does when healthy, we talking about historical numbers like Shaq and Wilt. Anthony Davis is one of one, he's probably gonna go down as the most skilled big ever, right under Hakeem Olajuwon or above him, especially at the power forward position... on the defensive end... he impacts the game better than any other big in the game... When you look at Anthony Davis he just separates himself... the way he is able to play the 4 and the 5... So yes, when healthy, Anthony Davis is the best big man in the game.

Versatility is a premium in basketball, and Anthony Davis is certainly one of the big men with a two-way skill set that can do anything that is asked of them on the court. While Kendrick Perkins does point to Davis' health, the reality is that when he's healthy, there are few who impact the game all over like Davis. While other players may have had better offensive seasons, this take from Perkins has some merit to it, as one could easily make an argument for Anthony Davis being the best big in the game.