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Kendrick Perkins On Zach LaVine: "l Love Zach LaVine But, Not With The Chicago Bulls. I Think He Needs To Be Somewhere Where Zach LaVine Needs To Be A Number 2 Guy. I Don’t Believe He’s A Number One Guy."

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(via On Tap Sports Net)

(via On Tap Sports Net)

The Chicago Bulls have been a hapless franchise since the departure of Derrick Rose and after that, of Jimmy Butler. They had an awful head coach in Jim Boylen last season, but after his firing, it seems as if the Bulls are ready to turn over a new leaf with Billy Donovan.

During the dismal season of 2020, the Chicago Bulls were blessed with the emergence of Zach LaVine. LaVine has improved his scoring almost every single year in the league, and it culminated with him averaging 25.5 PPG on the Chicago Bulls as their main scorer during the 2020 season. LaVine has the athleticism and the shot-making ability to be an All-Star, at this point perhaps, it is only a matter of when. He is still 24, and could possibly be the main scorer of the Bulls' future. However, according to an article by Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson, a certain ESPN analyst has his doubts.

“l love Zach LaVine but, not with the Chicago Bulls,” ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins told me on the Heavy Live With Scoop B Show.

“I think he needs to be somewhere where Zach LaVine needs to be a number 2 guy. I don’t believe he’s a number one guy. Yeah he can go out there and get you 30, but he’s not a guy that will get you over the hump night in and night out.”

Despite Zach LaVine still being able to improve and averaging a career-best in scoring, Kendrick Perkins seems to condemn Zach LaVine to be a secondary option. Perhaps he is right, the Bulls had an awful record with LaVine as the main scorer, finishing 22-43. LaVine isn't all to blame though: the Bulls had a down year with awful coaching, and this upcoming year is the year where LaVine should be judged.

While Kendrick Perkins seems bullish on discounting Zach LaVine's scoring ability, LaVine himself has a lot going for him. Hopefully, for Chicago Bulls fans, LaVine can lock in and prove the doubters wrong, including Kendrick Perkins.