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Kendrick Perkins Reveals Russell Westbrook Doesn't Talk To Him Anymore Because He Was Upset At Comments Suggesting Lakers Should Trade Him

Russell Westbrook Takes A Shot At Lakers Fans In The Stadium: "I Don't Pay Attention To This Crowd, To Be Honest."

Russell Westbrook has had an inconsistent season this year and has often played far below All-Star level, which is what we're used to from a talented point guard such as him. As such, he received a lot of criticism from media members and fans alike.

There have been many media members that suggested that Russell Westbrook should be traded by the Los Angeles Lakers. One of those media members was Kendrick Perkins. It seems as though Kendrick Perkins' comments upset Russell Westbrook, and when speaking to Andrew Marchand, Kendrick Perkins revealed that the two are not talking currently due to those comments.

“I’m actually working on getting my relationship back with one of my brothers who was very, very upset, Russell Westbrook.

“I defended Russell Westbrook for years, and this year he struggled and it was a topic that came up on First Take and they asked out of the big three with the Lakers, which one would you trade… for me, it was Russell Westbrook. I don't make up the topics... I get the topics and I go announce the way that I feel it. I said it and it hurt me though... I said Russell Westbrook is the guy that the Lakers need to trade

“His wife actually reached out to my wife and with a long text message… she said, ‘My kids finally got him back home and we’re so happy that he’s back home’ and things of that nature, and it messed me up… I reached back out to her and sent her a long, heartfelt message and said the one thing about it is that I would never disrespect your family, we’re talking about the game of basketball, and you know I’m one of Russell Westbrook’s biggest supporters.

There is no doubt that Russell Westbrook is still capable of impacting the game. He just has to find the right roster fit for himself, and that may not be on the Los Angeles Lakers.

With that being said, Russell Westbrook has expressed an interest in running things back with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Perhaps a healthy offseason and more time together could help the trio realize their potential, and maybe they can become that championship team many expected them to be when the Russell Westbrook trade was first announced.