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Kendrick Perkins Takes A Big Shot At The Los Angeles Lakers: "Hot Garbage! That's Who The Lakers Are Right Now! They Are Trash."

Kendrick Perkins Says He's Done Talking About The Lakers: "It's Time To Move On..."

The Los Angeles Lakers haven't been able to find their touch in the 2021/22 NBA season, struggling to enter a good streak, losing by large margins against seemingly weakened teams. They've been inconsistent all season long. 

The Purple and Gold know they must make some changes if they aspire to compete this season, but nothing has changed so far. After another big loss in front of the Memphis Grizzlies, who played without Ja Morant, their fans were unhappy with the squad. 

Not only them, but media members blasted the Lakers, calling them many names after yet another disappointing performance. Kendrick Perkins, one of LeBron James' biggest defenders, didn't hold anything against the Californians, calling them trash for their recent form. 

“Some people in the country, they burn they trash, and it stinks when they burn it,” Perkins said. “I mean, hot garbage. That’s who the Lakers are right now. … I’m tired of talking about the Lakers. You know why? Because they don’t deserve to be talked about. … They haven’t earned the right to be talked about. … They are trash.”

Before the start of the season, the Purple and Gold were considered clear championship favorites alongside Brooklyn Nets, but they've struggled in a competitive Western Conference.

Just like Perkins, Shaquille O'Neal also took a shot at his former team, saying he's not even going to the arena to watch them. Instead, he enjoys Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors

Even after their blowout win against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday night, not many people are convinced the Lakers are on the right track to becoming a competitive squad. They need to see significant changes to be excited about their team again. Time will tell if they can do so, but right now the picture doesn't look that promising for the 17-time NBA champions.