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Kendrick Perkins Takes A Shot At Luka Doncic: "He Has To Stop With That Damn Crying All The Time When People Get Into Him And The Game Gets Physical."


Luka Doncic starred in a controversial moment on Sunday night when the Dallas Mavericks lost to the Sacramento Kings, 111-99. The Slovenian point guard received two technicals and was ejected in the last seconds of the game.

At the 10:23 mark of the second quarter, he got his first tech and it wasn't until the end of the game that he was ejected from the match. With 31.8 seconds in the final quarter, Doncic, just like head coach Rick Carlisle, was ejected. 

This situation sparked a lot of reactions and Kendrick Perkins criticized the point guard for his attitude whenever somebody goes at him, stating that people will try to get under Luka's skin and he'll have to deal with it. 

"Luka got ejected I see?! He has to stop with that damn crying all the time when people get into him and the game gets physical. It’s a lot players out there in the league that are not just going to back to you Luka!!! God Bless America."

Doncic is a player that is constantly talking to refs. He's always complaining about something and not everybody is a fan of that. Still, that didn't prevent the 22-year-old to say that they should rescind one of his technicals after the game. 

If things stay like this, Luka will be only one technical away from getting suspended and that's exactly the opposite of what the Mavs need right now. The player needs to work on this or his team will miss their biggest star when they need it the most. Dallas is entering the final weeks of competition and being with Luka at least one game would be terrible for them.