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Kendrick Perkins Urges Mavericks To Pair Bradley Beal With Luka Doncic: "It Would Arguably Be The Best Backcourt In The NBA... That Would Be Deadly."

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After a solid 2021/22 NBA season where they reached the Western Conference Finals, beating the No. 1 seed team in the process, the Dallas Mavericks aren't done. They want to keep improving their level and demonstrating that they can compete for the championship, as they did 11 years ago. 

A lot was said about Luka Doncic being on a solo mission during every playoff run the Mavs have recently made, but the front office has gotten to work on that, trying to build the perfect squad around the Slovenian point guard. Things started pretty well for the Mavs, who landed Christian Wood from the Houston Rockets a couple of weeks ago. 

That's not the end for them, as the Texans still try to keep Jalen Brunson on the roster, or at least have enough cap space to pursue another player that can join Doncic on the backcourt. It seems like Kendrick Perkins has the solution to that issue, as he recently suggested a big move for the Mavs. 

Talking on ESPN's First Take, Perkins dropped an interesting name for Dallas: Bradley Beal. The Washington Wizards star is reportedly testing the waters of free agency this year, and many teams will try to acquire his services. The Mavericks should join his sweepstakes, says Perkins, claiming that Beal would make the best backcourt in the league with Luka Doncic. 

“Jalen Brunson, who I believe is a hell of a player, his value just went up,” Perkins explained. “Now, when you have a guy like Jalen Brunson and his value goes up, sometimes you can use him to sign-a-trade and get something back like a Bradley Beal, and pair him up with a Luka Doncic.”

“Look, Bradley Beal and Luka together would be a force to be reckoned with. And listen, I’m saying it would arguably be the best backcourt in the NBA, and I’m not even joking. So if I’m the Dallas Mavericks and Bradley Beal becomes a free agent, I’m doing everything in my power to go and get him,” said Perkins.

Beal has been previously linked with other teams, including the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. The Mavs could be a dark horse to land the shooting guard, and truth be told, seeing him alongside Luka would be a complete show. This is a very interesting option for Beal, but time will tell if he goes to Texas or decides to try his luck somewhere else.