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Kenny Smith: "Lou Williams Tried To Fool Everybody Saying He Was Going In For The Wings. He Went In There For The Legs And The Thighs"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Lou Williams got himself immersed in controversy in recent days after pictures of the Los Angeles Clippers player saw at a strip club in Atlanta saw the light. Williams had left the NBA bubble to attend his grandfather's funeral.

The veteran guard tried to explain that he went to the Magic City Strip Club to get some food since that was his favorite restaurant. After that, some people defended Williams making the case for the chicken wings that they serve at Magic City. Truth to be told, the pictures look amazing.

However, not everybody is sold on that, including Kenny 'The Jet' Smith, who gave the best explanation for this whole situation. During Thursday's edition of Inside the NBA, Smith found the right words to describe what Lou Williams was doing at Magic City.

"He [Williams] is trying to fool everybody saying he was going there for the wings. He went in there for the legs and the thighs," Smith claimed while the rest of the crew cracked up.

Well, seeing what we have seen, it's hard to disagree with Kenny and he found the perfect way to explain the whole situation. Williams earned a 10-day quarantine after he returned to the bubble and even though he keeps saying he didn't do anything bad, the fans are still convinced he was there partying.