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Kenyon Martin Thinks The Brooklyn Nets Need To Make Major Changes: "I Would Have Had A Major, Major Problem With Kyrie Irving If I Was Kevin Durant."

Kyrie Irving Announces Intention To Re-Sign With Brooklyn Nets After Being Swept Out Of The NBA Playoffs: "When I Say I'm Here With Kev, I Think That Really Entails Us Managing This Franchise Together"

The Brooklyn Nets were eliminated in the first round this season, despite many believing that they could potentially upset the Boston Celtics. It is clear that the Brooklyn Nets are far from a championship roster.

There is no doubt that the team needs to make some changes if they are to compete for a championship next season. Former Nets forward Kenyon Martin has suggested that the Nets should move on from Kyrie Irving, and added that Kevin Durant picked the "wrong situation" to be in.

I would have had a major, major issue with Kyrie Irving if I was Kevin Durant... I could have went anywhere else, and picked anybody else to play with. But we made this decision together to come here and do this. 

This season, you failed me, as a friend, as a teammate, as a brother, as a competitor. All of those things you failed me in. Ain't no way I'm out here creating handshakes with you when you did that.

If not him then trade me. He has to go man. It's not about us. We as athletes are selfish to a certain degree. But when that selfishness comes between our team and what we're trying to accomplish, then it's a problem.

There is no doubt that Kyrie Irving's absence has affected the team's performance. He even alluded to as much, claiming that he became a distraction for the team. However, he should be able to be a full-time player next season, so perhaps the Brooklyn Nets situation could still be salvaged. 

It remains to be seen what sort of moves the Brooklyn Nets will make. Kyrie Irving has already announced that he wants to come back to the team, and re-signing him is the optimal move, even if he does get moved later on. Hopefully, they are able to figure things out and build a championship roster around Kevin Durant.