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Kevin Durant And James Harden Are Reportedly On 'Good Terms' After Travis Scott Concert In London: "If Anything, This Was Harden’s Way Of Smoothing Things Over.”

James Harden and Kevin Durant

After everything Kevin Durant, James Harden, and the Brooklyn Nets had to endure, it's no mystery why their partnership on the court didn't last long.

After just 80 games with the Nets, Harden was traded to the 76ers after several long weeks of drama and chaos.

At the time, it was reported that Harden clashed with several high-ranking Nets personnel, including Kyrie Irving and KD himself.

"Kevin was like: ‘F—k it. James isn’t bringing s—t,' another figure with knowledge of Brooklyn added, 'I don’t think that would have happened without Kevin making that decision.' For weeks he had grown weary of Harden’s purported commitment to the franchise. When Harden first took to the bench with right hamstring tightness, Durant was among the Brooklyn figures who were skeptical of the injury’s severity. By Thursday morning, Durant dialed Nets general manager Sean Marks, sources said."

With Irving inactive and a greater workload heaped onto Harden and Durant, a strain formed between the Nets’ two active alphas. 'Kevin and James had a cold war going for the last several months that made everyone miserable,' one person with knowledge of the situation said via Bleacher Report

But now, after the pair partied it up with Travis Scott in London, the word around the league is that everything is all good between the former teammates.

“The former teammates looked pretty friendly this past weekend in London,” said Ramona Shelburne. “We saw them backstage at a Travis Scott concert, and from what I’m told, the two former teammates are back on good terms now despite Harden forcing his way out of Brooklyn just six months ago. If anything, this was Harden’s way of smoothing things over.”

Of course, the reconciliation came at a pretty convenient time. Right as Kevin Durant is ready to leave the Nets, he fixes things with Harden right after reports that the 76ers have engaged in trade talks for the 2x Finals MVP.

It looks like things are happening behind the scenes, it's just a matter of waiting for it to all play out.