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Kevin Durant Brutally Roasts Former NBA Player On Twitter: "You Have No Impact On Anything. Enjoy Retirement."

Kevin Durant Brutally Roasts Former NBA Player On Twitter: "You Have No Impact On Anything. Enjoy Retirement."

Kevin Durant has gotten into another Twitter argument, something the superstar has done quite often recently. His opponent this time around was former NBA player Olden Polynice, as the pair had a public argument over some fake stories shared by the 8th pick in the 1987 NBA Draft. 

It started when NBA veteran Olden Polynice went on to Chris Broussard's podcast and narrated a story about how the relationship between the Nets and Kyrie got ruined after Irving went over to Steve Nash's house and told Nash to show him the MVP trophies he stole from Kobe. Turns out, this was a fake story created by notorious Twitter troll 'Ballsack Sports'. 

Ballsack Sports have been making a lot of top-tier media fall for their stories, and it has been hilarious to see how easily ESPN and other top media channels will report on information they got from fake Twitter accounts. Polynice did the same, but Kevin Durant decided to call him out for telling a generational lie.

For some reason, Polynice decided to double down on what he said was the truth, even though everyone could see it was a fake story from Ballsack Sports. He tried defending himself in the replies while everyone was trying to let him know he got 'sacked', the term fans use for people falling for Ballsack stories.

Olden's bizarre response, where he's acting like a regular Twitter person geeking out about Kevin Durant interacting with his tweet, didn't sit well with the fans on the app and KD as well. Polynice is a former top-10 draft pick and played 13 seasons in the league up until 2003-04.

KD decided to seriously address and dismiss what Olden had to say in his next tweet, telling him that he wasn't relevant and then asking him to enjoy his retirement.

Getting into Twitter arguments with Kevin Durant is just not a situation anyone can win in. This time, Durant is fully in the right, at least as Polynice and other media members need to be a lot more careful while checking where they are getting their news from.

Polynice going onto a major podcast and spreading lies in the name of Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving, and Steve Nash was bound to get backlash. The pages that create their stories are anonymously run on Twitter, so they can't be actual sources of information for journalists and former NBA players. If they don't do a better job at filtering content, a lot of misinformation could spread from sports media outlets.