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Kevin Durant Claims His Legacy Has 'Never Been Stronger' Amid Trade Saga

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has had a very entertaining Sunday, going at it with fans who decided to attack him and his decision to request a trade from the Brooklyn Nets years after taking the 'easy way' and joining the 73-win Golden State Warriors. 

It all started when somebody tagged him on Twitter, claiming he's making the game worse than it was when he made it to the NBA, to which KD replied just like he knows. 

Fan: "Without a doubt @KDTrey5 this yo legacy dawg. Left the game in a worse shape than you found it smh."

Kevin Durant: "I #ruinedthegame?"

That wasn't the end of it, as more fans joined the conversation and decided to go after Durant. First, somebody brought up the fact that he joined the Warriors superteam to have an easy path to the title, but Durant played it cool, saying it's a matter of perspective. 

From a fan perspective it was lame AF when u joined Steph after choking. Then u followed Kyrie & got swept. Now the trade demand,lame. Ur a great talent, but ur legacy is not as an all time great for the game.

The legacy issue drew a lot of attention, and more people gave their two pennies on that. One of them said that facing no difficulties has hurt Durant's legacy ever since he left the Oklahoma City Thunder. Still, Durant didn't care about that and claimed his legacy is stronger than it's been. 

Fan: Na, but all this team hoppin after a little bit of adversity is kinda tainting your legacy

Durant: It’s all a matter of perspective my g. U say it’s tainted, I say it’s never been stronger.

KD has gotten used to receiving these comments, and most of the time, he takes it with humor. However, he doesn't hesitate to clap back at people who get on his nerves and give them a lecture on why he's as great as he thinks.