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Kevin Durant Toyed With A Fan Who Accused Him Of Ruining Basketball On Twitter

Kevin Durant Toyed With A Fan Who Accused Him Of Ruining Basketball On Twitter

Kevin Durant has been catching a lot of heat after the recent decisions he has made. Asking owner Joe Tsai to fire Steve Nash and Sean Marks to keep him was a bold move, and many across the league aren't happy with it at all. Neither are quite a few fans, with many taking to social media to once again hate on the former MVP. 

This is nothing new for KD, he has been getting roasted on social media for over half a decade now. The minute he decided to join the Golden State Warriors in 2016, he started receiving some serious hate, and that has not died down even after he left. This is something Durant himself has acknowledged in the past. 

However, just because some fans will always have it out for him, it doesn't mean that Durant himself can't have a little fun at the expense of his doubters. He is arguably the most interactive superstar on social media, replying to just about anyone if a tweet from them catches his eye. And he did as much on Sunday, responding flippantly to a fan that accused him of making basketball worse. 

Fan: "Without a doubt @KDTrey5 this yo legacy dawg. Left the game in a worse shape than you found it smh."

Kevin Durant: "I #ruinedthegame?"

The hashtag is Durant making fun of the fan's take, this is not the first time KD has called people out for talking about 'legacies'. The original tweet was about the collective bargaining agreement coming up between the owners and the players though, and it's hard to deny that Durant's recent actions won't affect how it all plays out. 

Ultimately, the superstar is looking out for himself, and it's clear that he doesn't much feel any sense of obligation towards certain teams. Durant will continue to try to troll fans that try to call him out back, it seems to be one of the few true joys left in this summer that is rife with commentary and turmoil for the Slim Reaper.