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Kevin Durant Explains Why Michael Jordan Would Be The Best Player In The NBA Today

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Time changes things, and the NBA is no exception. The game today is a lot different than it was years ago.

For a player like Michael Jordan, who played at an unprecedented level, one has to wonder if he'd be as great in today's game. Things like shooting and playmaking are almost a requirement for star guards today -- and it's fair to say that those were among MJ's weakest attributes.

Still, when asked about how Jordan would "fit" in today's NBA, one of modern basketball's best stars (Kevin Durant) was confident that he would still reign as the top player.

MJ was at his best when he was attacking the basket. His strength and athleticism made him virtually impossible to stop.

But the idea that he couldn't shoot from distance is flat-out wrong. Stats prove he was the NBA's most effective mid-range shooter and he was also more than capable of making shots from beyond the arc as well. Perhaps the biggest case for the translation of Jordan's game in the modern era is his work ethic. He would have stopped at nothing to win -- that much is not dependant on the time.

MJ was good enough to adapt to whatever was in front of him, so who's to say he wouldn't have adapted to dominate today's game? Durant sure seems convinced.