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Kevin Durant Has Reportedly Not Spoken To Nets In Weeks And Lost Trust In Front Office: "I Don't Think Kevin Durant Is Confident In The Front Office Right Now."

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the league, and there's no doubt that he is a proven superstar that has won on the highest level. Usually, those players don't get traded, but some recent speculation has suggested that his future with the Brooklyn Nets is far from secure.

A recent report suggested that Kevin Durant's future is "in the air" while adding that it looks as though Kyrie Irving "is going to find a new" franchise to play for this offseason. This is definitely far from ideal for the Brooklyn Nets.

"Kyrie Irving, it appears, is going to find a new home and Kevin Durant has four years left on his contract... His future is very much right now in the air."

Recently, NBA insider Logan Murdock has spoken to Kevin O'Connor on The Mismatch Podcast, and claimed that Kevin Durant "has not talked to the team in weeks", adding that he is not "confident in the front office right now".

“I went out there in March. You could see kind of the seeds. It just wasn’t good, man. It didn’t seem like just a functioning environment. It didn’t seem like this was a team with a plan. It seemed like a team whose plan all kind of went to s–t. I think that's the story of this franchise. You have these reports that Kyrie is looking elsewhere, made some calls. Kevin Durant has not talked to the team in weeks, and I don't think Kevin is confident in the front office right now. I don't know if he's at the stage of leaving, but there's a big uneasiness not only from the Kyrie side but from the KD side as well.

“I think that his biggest beef is that he didn’t feel like the Nets front office grew to try to understand Kyrie. And I would push back and say when a guy leaves for two weeks at a time, Kyrie earns the lion’s share of the blame. But I think that Kevin feels like, ‘Hey man, when you guys didn’t try to understand this guy, you guys didn’t figure out where he was coming from.”

It remains to be seen if the Brooklyn Nets manage to patch things up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. In theory, they would have a championship-level squad when all their players are healthy, but it seems as though things aren't completely smooth between the stars and the franchise currently.

Hopefully, we do see Kevin Durant play in a good situation next season, whether it is on the Brooklyn Nets or otherwise. He is still a championship-caliber No. 1, and we'll see if he is able to win another championship in the future.