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"Kevin Durant Is Gonna Have His Jersey Retired For 3 Different Teams," Says NBA Fan

"Kevin Durant Is Gonna Have His Jersey Retired For 3 Different Teams," Says NBA Fan

Kevin Durant is having a terrific return to the NBA this season, playing great basketball with the Brooklyn Nets, becoming the best player on the team, as people expected him to. Regardless of having James Harden and Kyrie Irving alongside him, Durant has done a very good job as the leader of the squad and that's why the Nets are one of the best teams in the East at this moment.

He returned to the Bay on Saturday night, facing his former team, the Golden State Warriors. It was an easy W for the Nets, 134-117 over the Dubs, with Durant dropping 20 points. He has earned a lot of good comments this season, especially knowing all he had to go through in the past year, recovering from an Achilles tear and playing better than he played during his MVP season in 2014.

That has made a lot of people notice of the hunger and desire this man has to win in New York now and one fan even claimed he's going to make history with Brooklyn just like he did with the Thunder and Warriors. Twitter user @MjsGoat recently claimed that Durantula is going to have his jersey retired in three different teams.

He was great for the Thunder, becoming the heart and soul of the team during his stint there and even though his tenure in OKC didn't end the best way, Durant left a big mark on that team and nobody can change that. When he went to the Warriors, he confirmed their dominance over the rest of the league, winning two titles (including 2 Finals MVP awards) in three trips to the Finals. People believe he would have gone 3 for 3 if he didn't get hurt during the 2019 Finals against the Toronto Raptors.

Now with the Nets, KD is ready to keep making history and win titles with one of the most talented teams in NBA history. If he wins one or a couple of titles with Brooklyn, that would make him one of the best players in the history of not only one or two but three NBA franchises.

This man has fought and beaten all the odds, returning from one of the worst injuries in sports and he's playing as nothing happened to him. KD is ready for the challenge and seeing the way he's playing now, the player has big chances to achieve this feat and see his jersey hanging in three different rafters.